Amethyst Pick Silver Necklace
Brand : Metaj Fine Jewelry
Model : NS0167A11057
Necklace made ??of White Pearl, Amethyst, Citrine, Pink spring made ??of Silver. A ..... cm.
Last Update : 11:33:21 26/01/2013
White Topaz Silver Necklace.
Brand : Metaj Fine Jewelry
Model : NG0469A11074
Silver Necklace. Handmade Gemstone jewelry with White Topaz Oval Shape ..... cm long.
Last Update : 14:25:18 14/06/2012
White Topaz Silver Necklace
Brand : Metaj Fine Jewelry
Model : NG0472A11077
silver necklace. Handmade and decorated with stones shaped White Topaz Oval pc ..... cm long.
Last Update : 14:24:30 14/06/2012
White Pearl Black and slveri Necklace
Brand : Metaj Fine Jewelry
Model : NS0175A11065
Necklace black and silver. Handmade jewelry by Pearl, Canelian, Smoky, Black Onyx, length 36 cm.
Last Update : 14:21:57 14/06/2012
White Pear Gold Necklace
Model : NG0271A90080
BH gold necklace adorned with handmade White Pearl. Length ..... cm.
Last Update : 14:21:11 14/06/2012

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Established in 2003, Metamorphose Jewelry found its niche in the jewelry industry from a humble beginning as a jewelry designer and a team of in-house experienced workmen who specializes in light weight handmade gold jewelry to counter the rough and tumble of an uncertain gold price in todays world. Creating a wide selection of up-to-date jewelries ranging from simple, classic, fun, passionate, fashionable and elegant designs. Metamorphose Jewelry is committed in the continual expansion of creating a state-of-art in fine jewelry and chain necklaces for every discerning customer. Our competitive edge is reflected in our up-to-date designs, fine quality gemstones selection, excellent in color stone combination and good jewelry finishing. Our customers are from Boutique Jewelry Designers, Chain Stores, Department Stores, Tourist Shops and Retailers in many countries in Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, Australia, USA, U.A.E. and EU.

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