aroma candle bouquet
Brand : KJ Arts Decor
Last Update : 15:10:10 31/10/2012
aroma candle
Brand : KJ Arts
Last Update : 15:03:21 31/10/2012
Aroma Candly - The Lord
Brand : KJ Arts Decor
Last Update : 14:59:44 31/10/2012
Water Lilly WO-02
Model : WO-02
Large circle in pot (11Xh8 cm), color;……PACKING:individually packed in corrugate or hard paper box
Last Update : 01:17:57 18/10/2012
Aroma Candle - Camel in Oasis
Brand : KJ Arts Decor
Last Update : 15:09:14 26/03/2012

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KJ Arts Decor Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer and exporter of aroma candles and thai hadicraft products. Light and Shine! Let our aroma candle shine its fragrant light to bring you the pleasant smell. Relaxed by the fragrance of beautifully carved candles in an artistic way, you will find it suitable in all occasions and places, hotel, spa, resort, office and home sweet home. The specialty of decorative unique items, KJ Arts Décor Co., Ltd. brings it right to your door.

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