Plastic Abrasive
Brand : Manufactured Media
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Silicon Carbide
Brand : Manufactured Media
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Aluminium Oxide
Brand : Manufactured Media
Model : Brown & White
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Graded Glass
Brand : Manufactured Media
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Metal Abrasive
Brand : Manufactured Media
Model : STEEL
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Main Machine Information

Test Centre & Stock Kist
In support of our services, readily provided are test anddemonstration centre with personnel enabling assist and provide solution to problems.

Vibratory Finishing Machine
Uniform Good for Mass-production Fully spiral, allowing 100% separation No impingement Easy for automation Easy to adjust amplitude No light part floating on the media in the VA-SERIES curved bowl

Barrel Finishing Machine
VC-Series This M/C is equipped with 4 barrels spaced evenly on the periphery of turret. As the turret rotates in one direction, the barrels rotates to the opposition direction effecting 1:1 ratio. When rotating the turret at over 60RPM the mass in th barrel is subject to high compression and slides to farthest wall of the barrel due to the centrifugal force that produces up to 30 times faster finishes than rotary barrel.

Consumable – Media & Compound
The Model of Media MEDIA Pioneering in the Surface Finishing Techniques, we select only the best grinding, deburring & polishing media. We supply a great variety of media to provide a tremendous range of finishing requirements suiting to customers application - grades, density, shapes etc.

Shot Blasting Machine
Simple operation, no chemical hazard, reduced downtime and man hours. The A.I.M. Dry Suction BlastSystem is designed with smooth "non-pulsing" media flow with absolute process repeatability control. Compact the system is built-in with a recovery and reclaim system.

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